Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogmania Prize: Laura's Lost Love

Laura's Lost Love is one of the awesome prize books that will be loaded onto the Kobo ebook reader for my September 2010 Blogmania.

Read more below to whet your appetite and also be sure to check out the author's other books.


Laura’s Lost Love

Book One of the Heart Junction Series

Early 20th century Romance

Paperback Edition, Create Space

ISBN: 9781438264417

E-Book Edition, Smashwords

ISBN: 9781452301884

Awards for "Laura"

Golden Rose Award from Love Romances and More

Recommended Read Award from Fallen Angel Reviews

Reviews for "Laura"

The Romance Studio: 5 HEARTS. You will be delighted to have read this book.

The Long and Short of It Reviews: 4.5 BOOKS. This is an excellent story that takes the reader on a journey into the past that is very enjoyable.


1912, Heart Junction, South Dakota. Laura Windsor wants to become a mother to an orphan girl, but Gavin Maitland won't allow it. His civic duty requires him to place children from the orphan train with married couples only. As the two of them struggle to do what is best for the girl who has won their hearts, they find a special love of their own. But can two people at odds ever join together? Not without breaking conventions and even a few laws.


Gavin has just informed Laura single women are not allowed to adopt children from the orphan train. She waits in an office of the train depot while Gavin has found a way to entertain little Angelina while they talk.

Mr. Maitland’s melodious, deep voice drifted through the open door.

Angelina’s sweet laughter followed the sounds of keys striking paper on a modern typewriter.

Laura relaxed a little knowing that Angelina seemed to be content. She peeked around the frame of the door into the lobby. Mr. Maitland touched Angelina’s cheek and smiled at the child. The man who was about to ruin Laura’s life appeared to be charming the daughter he was ready to destroy. Gavin Maitland was most assuredly two men in one. Charming, handsome, some women might say irresistible with his mass of caramel hair and his hazel-brown eyes. Yet heartless, cruel, uncaring had to be accurate words to describe him if he intended to stop Laura from making Angelina her daughter.

Laura pulled her gaze from the lobby and leaned against the door jamb. She closed her eyes. He just can’t take my daughter from my arms. We need each other.

Mr. Maitland came through the door, nearly brushing his broad chest against Laura’s shoulder. He shut the door and stood inches from her, looking down at her.

She stared up at him, studying his eyes, wondering what she had to say or do to convince this sober, unrelenting stickler for the law to bend the rules this one time so she might keep Angelina with her in Heart Junction.

“Shall we sit down?” he asked in a coarse, husky voice.

Laura blinked and gazed up at him a moment longer. Would charm work? Scolding? Intimidation?


Her cheeks burned. Just the thought of how far she may or may not go to keep Angelina warmed her whole body.


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  3. How awesome, I want the KOBO.

  4. I would love to win your Blogmania KOBO prize with the ebooks! Thanks for the chance!